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               British Columbia Osteopathic Association
               McKenzie Professional Centre
               209 - 1595 McKenzie Avenue
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               Canada      V8N 1A4



Canadian Osteopathic Physicians - British Columbia Regional Contacts

Please note that the following physicians have made their contact information available to assist osteopathic students or osteopathic medical school applicants who may wish to discuss the osteopathic profession.  Also, other members of the community with general inquiries regarding the osteopathic profession are welcome to contact the BC regional representative (the first contact listed in bold type in this region).  Please note that these physicians are very busy and will not respond to commercial or other non-profession related inquiries.

Note: OMT = Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment   


British Columbia Contacts

Dr. James Church (Musculoskeletal Medicine - OMT)
McKenzie Professional Centre
209 – 1595 McKenzie Ave
Victoria, BC  V8N 1A4
Phone: 250-595-7772  

Dr. Jason Crookham,  (Sport and Musculoskeletal Medicine - OMT)
Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
Suite 3500 - 2215 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z3
Phone: 604-822-3614
Dr. Francine Grace  (Musculoskeletal Medicine - OMT)
7025 Myron Rd
Lantzville, BC  V0R 2H0
Phone : 250-390-8008

Dr. Caren Zilber-Shlensky  (Family and Musculoskeletal Medicine - OMT)
Ross Bay Health Centre
16 - 1594 Fairfield Rd
Victoria, BC  V8S 1G1
Phone: 250-477-5433




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